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Amor and Heritage
Amor and Heritage

Memorandum of Understanding

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 The purpose of the agreement is to formalize and clarify expectations between all parties and to establish collaboration and contracts to serve the programs at schools and offices who will participate in our programs as classes, workshops, FunDanceGo, Diversity Dance and performances. 

This MOU shall be in effect from the moment is submitted to the date of rendered services.

Amor and Heritage INC. 


Amor and Heritage is a traditional Hispanic dance company dedicated to the promotion of multiculturalism and diversity, through the use of DANCE! 

We promote tolerance, education, understanding of other cultures, the importance of self-confidence, sharing kindness and staying healthy through dance and movement.

During our events, audience members will be educated about the history, geography, symbolism and costumes involved in each dance during the workshop, class, performance and presentation through bilingual narration and explanations by the dancers, and also by dance Instruction.    

What you Will Learn:

· Character and Diversity Education - This aspect includes teaching about diversity, kindness and values

· Physical Education – Participants will learn dance movements in an interactive way. Our programs stresses the importance of staying active. 

· Cultural Celebration - Participants will learn about diverse cultures, history of dance and music styles.

· Social Development – Participants will interact with diverse instructors and classmates, will celebrate their individuality, and will gain communication and public speaking skills. 

· Sharing Kindness – Participants will do activities and will learn about traditions and narrations that will open their minds and hearts to love, self-esteem and respect.  

M O U to submit

Memorandum of Agreement. (M O U)

See you Soon! Nos Vemos Pronto!


What we offer: 

· Amor and Heritage will provide props for a hands-on experience. 

· We are a hands-on program and bilingual. 

· Diversity Dance and Workshop are customized based on your needs.

· Will work closely with our contact/teacher to provide the best service and educational program. 

· Programs as requested will include, education, narration drumming and dance instruction to high energy music.

· Instructors are diverse, enthusiastic, highly qualified, background checked and with years of experience. 

· We use narrative and storytelling to convey our message. 

· Instructors will talk about traditions, geography, history, artist and dance styles. 

· Instructors will encourage self-esteem with positive words and stories.

· Instructors will encourage kindness, values, and philanthropy. 

Amor and Heritage Mail in: #5 office.

875 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222, United States


We are your hostess with the Mostest, Instructors and Performers!

Open today

09:00 am – 05:00 pm

Our Programs:

  • FunDanceGo (Dance Showcase and Instruction)
  • Diversity Dance (Narration, History, traditions,  Dance and Dance)
  • Diversity Dance Workshop ( 3-4 Hours. Learn, Dance, powerpoint, history, geography, self-esteem, Leadership and philanthropy in detail.)
  • Performances ( We dance dance dance)
  • After-School Programing (WNY)
  • Free Diversity Dance Classes for kids
  • Legends of Hispanic and World Heritage presents: Dia de los muertos (Oct-Nov)
  • Minitecas Fundraisers (to continue our programs)
  • Bring a Smile