Find the Beauty in life today! and Diversity Dance!

Amor and Heritage
Amor and Heritage

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Diversity dance classes, workshops and performances. We do all cultural dances. Great instructors.


You contact us. We sign the contract. 

We go to you and the celebrations starts. We will showcase one of our dances in full  hand-made, colorful costumes, we will pass some hats and then invite you to dance with us. we will share in our narrative information on the country we are representing that day. 

 The most fun 30 min in your day! 

Welcome every season, any new school year, any holiday, any celebration, we are here for you! 

Workshops in our location

Dance instruction, diversity celebration, physical education, character education, team building, increasing self-esteem, fun learning, multiculturalism, traditional food, props, live music/ instruments,  and philanthropy awareness (and more) . Workshops are provided between these hours: 

from 9 AM-2 PM for schools and programs. 

Contact us to customize for you a great and fun educational experience. 

Workshops at your location

Dance instruction, diversity celebration, physical education, character education, dance, dance,  increasing self-esteem, fun learning, multiculturalism,  props and philanthropy awareness. Workshops are provided from 8 AM-3:30 PM or 1, 2, 3 hours for schools and programs. 


In this program we narrate stories, teach about Countries, History and culture and showcase traditional dances from each  (4 countries) or an specific country. 

We will create  images to showcase the most known facts of each country. 

Then invite participants to dance with us to teach them some dance moves. 

This as all of our programs are handson and family oriented.  

Our Workshops will leave you smiling, proud of your heritage,  and /or more knowledgeable about the amazing world we live in! 

The more you know, the happiest life gets!  Fun Learning is our goal! 

Contact us to customize for you a great and educational experience. 

We go to you! Get ready for the celebration! 

Free Diversity Dance Classes

Every summer! We are delighted to offer our unique and fun free dance and educational classes for kids in the month of July. 

Registration is required and registration opens  in March.

We go around the world and our community volunteers to teach the kids several skills and to learn about different cultures and traditions. we do crafts and arts and perform at festival to celebrate the kids talents!  Ages 3-13. 

Diversity Dance and After School Programs

We teach about each country we celebrate,  Providing short narrations  and also dance instruction. 

Younger kids do 30 mins of Dance and 30 Minutes of crafts.

After School: are regular classes provided once or as many times per week during the school year. 

contact us for After School hours! 

and for any of your events to celebrate diversity 


All classes and workshops and all we do!

Character Education - We encourage participants to believe in themselves, to increase their self power, share kindness, tolerance , healthy and find the beauty in all they do and values

 Diversity Education - This aspect includes teaching about diversity, traditions,geography, history, legends and storytelling.   

· Physical Education – Participants will learn dance movements in an interactive way. FUNDANCEGO stresses the importance of staying active. 

· Cultural Celebration - Participants will learn about different cultures, history of dance and music styles through dance, costumes and diverse high energy diversity dance! 



Fees varies on number of instructors, times, and agenda 

Contact us to request a sample agenda and prices.

FunDanceGo has a set fee. 

Afterschool: Set fee  per hour, one instructor per class.